Vail Daily letter: Alpine coaster is tacky |

Vail Daily letter: Alpine coaster is tacky

For over 25 years we have enjoyed visiting the Vail Valley — this place is truly a gem of the Rockies. What began as an annual visit led to us buying property and coming out with the next generation — our children, ages 2 and 5. As a family, we chose to purchase a home in Beaver Creek because of the small-town community, luxurious dining and shopping, family activities, and quaint European look of the village.

Sadly, in learning of the plans by Vail Associates to build an alpine coaster in Beaver Creek village, we were appalled by these plans. As a businesswoman, I understand the need for Vail Associates to generate revenues, yet believe that there are so many other ways that this enterprise can accomplish their goals. To be frank, we feel that the alpine coaster plans are tacky and will change the face moving forward for Beaver Creek. Rather than being a unique and top-notch resort, the alpine coaster is a move to making Beaver Creek like a dirty amusement park. And most important, it will ruin the beautiful landscape of the village.

As a mother, I would not allow my children to ride any such of an amusement while on a family vacation. And I think that Vail Associates should reconsider these plans and really research whether there would be demand in Beaver Creek. We feel that this offering is a better fit for a larger community like Vail — which is a short drive from Beaver Creek.

We passionately oppose the alpine coaster plans by Vail Associates that change the look and feel of Beaver Creek Village and turn it into an “amusement park” versus an “alpine resort.”

Steve and Jennifer Suttmeier

Cranbury, N.J., and Beaver Creek,

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