Vail Daily letter: Amazing help |

Vail Daily letter: Amazing help

I wanted to write to your newspaper to testify about the events that followed me wrecking my vehicle on I-70 Friday morning, Feb. 28.

I was towed, by a gentleman named Curt, to a gas station by the name of West Vail Shell. There I met Rick and Darin, the owners of that station. They gave me rides up and down valley trying to help me rent a car, get my things together, and keep my head about me (this being the most important of all). Their drivers are polite and friendly and went out of their way to help me get through what I can only call a disastrous day. They are the only reason I did not break out in tears all day long. They went above and beyond to help me and did it all willingly because that is just the type of people they are.

Feeling alone and stranded is the worst feeling in the world and I can only say that I did not feel that way for long as all of the guys at West Vail Shell made my day better. I often wondered what people did after they have an accident in the middle of not where you want to be, without a vehicle, and how they got through it? Now I know, it is because of the kindness and blessings of others that we survive such trials in out lives. I am a very independent woman and not used to anyone helping me, so all I can say about this day was my dignity was saved by these men.

It is difficult enough to have just totaled your car let alone deal with the aftermath of things you need to do afterwards. If these people would not have helped me I am sure I would still just be sitting, and crying, at that station wondering, ‘What am I going to do?’ I wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped me on Feb. 28! It is because of you that I held myself together and kept forging through the day step by step until I was finally through it. The woman at the Frisco DMV and the young lady from Enterprise rental deserve to be thanked and recognized as well. The rides they gave me were very appreciated and I pray that if they ever need it that there is someone as nice as you were to me there to help you. You have restored my faith in human nature, and when I look back on that day I can honestly say that everything that came out of that day was a blessing and I am very fortunate to have met the people I did that day. Thank you and God bless.

Joyce R. Bruns

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