Vail Daily letter: Amazing support |

Vail Daily letter: Amazing support

This letter is being sent filled with total joy and gratitude after our incredible fundraising event for Silvia! We want to thank each person who reached out with a thought, a donation, and kind words, basically all forms of support in these past few weeks.

Sunday’s event at Campo Vail was incredible! The place was decorated with flowers arrangements by Mira, pink ribbons and linens, a beautiful banner in honor of Silvia from Angelo, and all incredible food prepared by Chef Simone and all the guys in the kitchen. Each person who worked that day, either serving or preparing food, volunteered his or her time. There were tons of gift certificates and prizes donated by local business people, food from vendors and farmers, wine from our reps, and so many locals and friends who came to offer their love and donations! We had a computer set up in the corner for guests to send personal messages to Silvia. It was beautiful.

The money that was raised will make a tremendous difference for Silvia. So many donations came in before the fundraiser, and I imagine, more may come in the following days. With each donation I thought that not only will this money create ease for Silvia on days she needs to rest and heal, but when she learns in early October about just how many people offered their love, care and support, she will be moved to her core. I know that this knowledge will offer her profound healing.

We laughed and cried and celebrated the amazing woman that she is, but also our good fortune to be reminded of all the kindness that people show in times of need.

I send enormous gratitude from Mira, Simone, the staff, our friends, family and me. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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With love,

Elizabeth Plotke

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