Vail Daily letter: Animals deserve better

I was deeply disturbed by the article about the two horses that had to be put down because they broke their legs in skijoring events this season.

Can we really compare the death of a horse to a girl breaking her nose and losing the nose-ring that her boyfriend gave her? Are those equal in your eyes?

The event organizer was quoted as saying, “If we walked the horses down, we wouldn’t have the participation and it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting.” Bummer if the horse breaks his leg and has to be put down? The important thing is that you had fun.

“ … It’s the reality and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it 100 percent. It’s absolutely unfortunate” (Zhimonskova).

Really? Nothing you can do? Here’s an idea — use a snowmobile.

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Animals deserve better from us, their custodians, than such an indifferent attitude towards the importance of their lives and well-being.

JP Kacy

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