Vail Daily letter: Another great Scramble |

Vail Daily letter: Another great Scramble

​Rosana and Johannes Faessler pulled off yet another benefit for the Sonnenalp Breast Center with resounding success. At the 17th annual Scramble Against Cancer on Monday, 40 teams of golfers participated in a tournament with a large number of post-play guests joining for cocktails and dinner. As was expected, the food was abundant and sumptuous. And thanks to an anonymous donor, even the Sonnenalp’s former pastry chef, Bernie Oswald, was flown in from Jacksonville to fill the perimeters of an entire room with incredibly delicious truffles, cakes, fondue, macaroons and on and on. Dancing was to the tunes of Denver attorneys who go under the band name of Hip Replacement. Thank you, Rosana and Johannes, for bringing a class act to our valley repeatedly for such a note-worthy cause.

Connie Knight

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