Vail Daily letter: Answer to your questions |

Vail Daily letter: Answer to your questions

This is a response to Jacqueline Cartier’s article that was published in the Vail Daily on Sept. 23 titled “Syria: Why do we care?”

Why so many questions about Syria, Jacqueline? Maybe you don’t know. But those two long columns of questions that you were asking — do you know (or maybe you don’t know) that all of those questions can be answered by one fact (if you were to believe it)?

The answer is found in Isaiah, Chapter 17, Verse 1. It says that Damascus is to be laid waste, left in a ruinous heap (if you believe it).

Does that answer all those questions that you asked?

If it did, then perhaps you also best believe in this, too (if you would believe it) — that Mr. O will attack Damascus, no matter what!

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Steve Kovack

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