Vail Daily letter: Anything to make a buck |

Vail Daily letter: Anything to make a buck

What were the 14,000 Eagle County voters saying? Just guessing: If anyone is of age, they should be able to get marijuana for pleasure without going through a doctor or depending upon the black market. I agree.

Probably some of the 14,000 voters realize how dangerous marijuana is to the developing brain. Some of the group at the Oct. 2 meeting were of the mindset “anything to make a buck”!

Never mind the danger to the public nor the cost for law enforcement.

I dropped by the Edwards medical marijuana dispensary where Momma Shar works. I met her and we had a pleasant conversation. I was surprised to hear she is against recreational marijuana. She gave me a copy of the article about herself in the Sneak Peak. She says, “I’m not looking forward to public access.” She stated the same during our visit.

I also read the Vail Daily article by Lauren Glendenning. Glendenning was quoting a shop owner, Jerry Olson. Speaking of the money, Olson said, “It’s not going to education, it’s going to enforcement. … The only thing they’re going to do with the money is go out and bust everybody.”

At the Oct. 2 Eagle County Planning Commission, the main theme seemed to be “anything to make a buck”! Isn’t it a conflict if two members of the planning commission are with Eagle Valley Land Trust (one a board member)? Eagle Valley Land Trust articles are, “Save our land forever.” One of the recommendations, 5-1, was that marijuana could be grown on agricultural land in Eagle County.

At the June 10 strategic planning session attended by the Open Space Advisory Committee and the commissioners for 2 hours and 59 minutes, the main land uses mentioned were ranches. On Aug. 7, the Edwards community meeting favored ag use for land. Toby Sprunk and three top Democratic committee members expressed preference for grass-fed beef — hence ranches.

On Oct. 11, I met a brilliant attorney who has an excellent plan. Without his permission, I will not reveal his name or plan — but later, his plan will be revealed.

Barbara Allen

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