Vail Daily letter: Apathetic voters take note |

Vail Daily letter: Apathetic voters take note

I feel so very fortunate to live in a county like Eagle County, where so many people are of similar minds. We value and respect our fellow brethren; we appreciate our outdoor playground and actively participate in making it better. I’m always proud that we so very often jump at an opportunity to help our fellow community members when personal disaster strikes. We live in a very unique paradise. I love this place!

However, since we have it so good here, voters often decide not to take part in our municipal voting. Status quo? Our lack of interest in the candidates that are running in this upcoming June 24 primary election may be due to a general feeling that a person’s vote doesn’t matter or that they really don’t care who wins or losses. This translates into very low voter turnout, and this is dangerous to our community now and in the future.

Will there be a catalyst for a political renaissance within our community?

It is not impossible to think differently. The question is, who starts? It’s no wonder that the amount of people who stayed home during the last election was outstandingly high. With no candidate invoking a substantial reason for voter participation, our last election attendance numbers were rather dismal.

There no denying the fact that so many polls indicate that voters have little respect for politicians. This does not have to be.

Do you appreciate the efforts of those people who are military vets and continue to support our vets? Do you know about Roundup River Ranch, who they serve, and the people who give of themselves to support the camp? Do you respect nurses and understand how much they give of themselves? Do you know the names of the people who have helped forge the community in which we live?

An apathetic voter doesn’t necessarily mean a person is uncaring all-around. It is my opinion that an apathetic votes just need to be inspired. Please, look at the candidates’ history of activism.

Take a good look at the persons running in the June 24 primary elections. Do you know who walks the ethical line and who set the bar? Do you know who states that they have made differences and contributions to our community and who really has? To learn about a good candidate may take some time to research. To learn about a great candidate may take less effort as their contributions to their causes, and the causes themselves, stand out.

If you are reading this paper and the articles about the upcoming election, odds are you are educating yourself. How are persons that don’t read the paper educating themselves? Perhaps you can help educate them and inspire them to participate in these elections. A lack of votes and lack of foresight for our future can both be detrimental to our future and inhibit the ability of the community to grow as we would like.

Judd Haims

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