Vail Daily letter: Appearances in Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Appearances in Avon

My wife, Jeanette, and I are among those infamous second-home owners.

We own a condo in Canyon Run in Avon, are involved in local matters (I’m the president of the Canyon Run Condo Association and Jeanette is president of the Avon Historic Committee) and pay taxes, but can’t vote (our official residence is Houston; we haven’t figured out how to claim residency in both places).

Last winter I wrote a few letters to the Vail Daily and spoke at a couple of Avon Town Council meetings expressing my concern over how the Gang of Four unceremoniously, and somewhat underhandedly, in my opinion, ousted Larry Brooks as town manager.

During all of that, I learned that Todd Goulding worked for Chris Evans. Amid all the current controversy over their place of residence and the “appearance” (Goulding’s words, not mine) of a conflict of interest regarding several projects in town, I think the biggest problem is Goulding’s working relationship to Evans.

There is no way he can be independent. He’s human, after all.

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In the council meetings I have attended, on each matter that comes to a vote, there is the “appearance” of Goulding leaning back behind all the chairs and silently mouthing, “How we voting on this one, Boss?”

By the way, for those Wildridge residents who may be concerned, we don’t live in Eaglebend.

Tom Hix

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