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Vail Daily letter: Ask for physical addresses

Can I ask a favor from you? You receive letters from many people and many points of view and the Vail Daily’s ability to present those various perspectives is appreciated. When you receive letters regarding tax issues and government spending in various districts and municipalities, would you be so kind as to make sure that the author understands what district he or she lives in?

It is common for people to think that because they use an Avon Post Office box they pay property taxes to Avon and they vote in Avon. This is not the case. Eagle-Vail, Beaver Creek, Arrowhead and Bachelor Gulch property owners often have an Avon PO box, yet they may be better served concentrating on where their own Metropolitan Districts and HOAs are spending their property tax dollars, not where the Avon Town Council is.

The Vail Daily has done a great job helping the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District and HOA become more transparent. You have a wonderful platform to educate citizens how our very confusing governments really work. Between the School District, ambulance district, fire districts, water districts, recreation districts and many metropolitan districts and master HOAs, even the most intelligent newcomer is likely to be confused. I know that I was confused in 1993 when I became an Avon and Eagle-Vail taxpayer.

Recently Mark Kogan wrote a letter to the editor regarding the purchase of the Skier Building for Avon Town Hall. Mr. Kogan is probably a great guy and he made some good points, however, he lives in Bachelor Gulch, not Avon. He may have been vacationing here for years before he purchased his home last October, but he has a lot to learn about how our very complicated community works.

So my favor I ask of you is to ask for physical addresses when people give you a PO box. People are really from Singletree, Homestead, Arrowhead, Brett Ranch, Bachelor Gulch and Eagle-Vail. Their really is no “Edwards” and Avon is really the town of Avon, not the Post Office in Avon.

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Amy Phillips

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