Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote |

Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote

Eagle County is a special place in a great state. To live here is a gift and a blessing. To be able to serve its people, an honor. When my wife and I decided to make Eagle County our home, we knew it was the right decision. Our three children have flourished in its schools and have brought home friends that reflect just how great our citizens are.

January will mark the beginning of my 19th consecutive year in law enforcement. I have served in many roles over that time: Detective, sergeant, instructor, assessor, lieutenant and commander, to name a few. If you want more specifics I have openly posted and made my resume available on my website and Facebook page ( I have tried to be as transparent as possible with all that I have done. You will find that I have always chosen to take on tougher assignments. I’m a firm believer that if we are not getting better at what we do, then we are falling behind. In law enforcement, not pushing ourselves to be better can have tragic consequences for our communities. I have always worked to push the organizations and people I worked with to be better. In helping others reach their potential, I have also pushed myself and continued to improve. My motive has always been simply to help others and make a positive difference for those I serve. A life of service is often a life of sacrifice, which is why you won’t meet any wealthy police officers. Public servants don’t get into the profession for the money.

On Tuesday, Eagle County residents will decide what the future is for the Sheriff’s Office by choosing the person to lead it. The Sheriff’s Office has the capacity to build relationships and provide services that can make all of our lives safer, better. Voters must decide what experience, education and abilities are important to realize this potential. Experience is more than just being in a place, it is what you do while you’re there. Education is merely philosophy unless it is put into practice in the real world. Ability is only potential unless it is tested in the field. The question for voters of who the best candidate will be for sheriff this election is much easier when you consider what I have done with my last 19 years and what that has meant for the law enforcement agencies and communities I’ve served. Looking back at the things a person has accomplished is the best way to know how they will serve the next four years as our sheriff. I hope that you cast your ballot and vote for the best choice for Eagle County sheriff, Daric R. Harvey.

Daric R. Harvey


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