Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote |

Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote

To earn the honor of a person’s vote, you must spend time learning about their hopes and concerns while collaborating with them on ideas to lift up our communities. I have spent the past year reaching out to voters in Senate District 5 one-on-one on their porches or over the phone, working with you on a plan to create an economy that works for everyone and not just those at the very top, and that’s what I will continue to do if you elect me as your next state senator.

While my opponent and his allies have been clogging our mailboxes with negative ads straight out of the tea party playbook, I have had the great pleasure of talking to thousands of voters about our vision for our state. I’m so grateful to have the support of not only Democrats, but also Republicans and independents. Our shared values and common goals are stronger than the partisan labels that separate us during an election season.

My conversations with you have become the basis of my platform and the reason I am asking for your vote. There is no reason that we can’t build renewable energy infrastructure in Lake and Chaffee counties. There is no reason that the ranchers and farmers all over the district should be burdened by over-regulation that prevents them from thriving. And we all agree that protecting our public lands is critical to our way of life. When we work hard, and we work together, the possibilities to growing our economy and maintaining our quality of life are endless.

Meeting with small-business owners in Paonia clarifies the need to support the growth of our locally grown products and remove barriers to starting a business. Leaning against a door jamb in West Vail, a hardworking woman told me about the real impact an I-70 closure has on a local family. Talking with a young man on a porch in Gunnison about his need for a new job so he doesn’t have to move away from Colorado motivates me to stand up for our part of the state and make us the hub of a clean energy economy that could provide thousands of jobs. A mother in Leadville expressing concern for the fact her teenager’s classes are too large pushes me to find funding solutions for the shortages in our schools’ budgets.

This work has prepared me to be a leader that fights for all the needs of Senate District 5 and it won’t stop when I’m elected.

Because this year is the first year that everyone will receive a mail-in ballot, this is an incredible opportunity to defy expectations in a year that pundits and politicians say will have less people voting.

Let’s move past the partisanship and the politics of cynicism to build and protect our communities while diligently creating new opportunities. I’m Kerry Donovan, and I am asking for your vote for state senator.

Kerry Donovan

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