Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote |

Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote

Please vote for me in the upcoming Vail Recreation District board election. I will listen and, more importantly, act on behalf of all residents and homeowners in the District.

My community involvement dates back to 1990 when I was asked to serve on the first Vail Recreation District Citizens Advisory Board. (I had spoken up about concerns raised by the softball players of the day.) At the time, I was working as the first dedicated fundraising and pr manager for Ski Club Vail. (Some say these were the best years for the Town Race Series.) In 2001, I served as the director for the Vail Chamber and Business Association.

Along the way, I worked diligently to help craft solutions to the Vail Recreation District’s challenge with the Bubble. I tried to find consensus and improve the district’s communications efforts during the golf course and Clubhouse snafus. (The district’s director told me that I was too critical because I was asking that golfers and neighbors be given a much bigger role in the process.) My Bald Mountain neighbors can attest to my impactful involvement regarding the ongoing (and going and going) berm project being built by the town of Vail and the Colorado Department of Transportation. Last year I helped with the final push to get the plastic bag banned in Vail.

I am proud to say that my peers at Vail Resorts acknowledged my customer service skills with an Epic Service Award nomination. AirBnB ranks my wife and me as “Super Hosts”. My years as a sports agent help me to look at all sides of a proposition. My special events background dates back to 1981. All of this qualifies me to serve on the Vail Recreation District board. I will work for an inclusionary decision-making process and demand a much higher level of transparency.

The biggest short-term project for the District has to be getting the new Clubhouse up and running in such away that it does not disrupt the golfing community any more than what has happened already. The neighbors should have a sympathetic advocate while operations are being reviewed. This is the Town of Vail, not Vail, Inc. and I think most people want to keep it that way.

Please email questions, thoughts and comments to

Thank you for your consideration.

Stephen “Cone” Connolly

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