Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote |

Vail Daily letter: Asking for your vote

Fellow citizens, I am Ted Archibeque, and I am seeking your vote for county surveyor in the this upcoming election. I ran for the office in 2010 on the premise of a fresh perspective and better access to records. Four years later, the need for improvements is still apparent and my education, experience and surveying roots in this community make me the best candidate.

As your county surveyor, I will urge the commissioners to assist me in developing a basic work plan focused on improving the quality and availability of survey information in Eagle County and evaluate all present county survey needs and the resources to fulfill those needs. I will institute a plan focused on streamlining process to save taxpayer dollars. I do not advocate expanding the county surveyor office in any way, and will perform or supervise all the duties of the office of county surveyor, as mandated by law.

Many of you have asked why the county surveyor is elected. It is to ensure accountability in government. In counties east of the Mississippi where the surveyor is appointed by the commissioners, the appointed surveyor’s loyalty is to the commissioners first and not directly to the public. Your county surveyor should not be employed by the county. To me, this is the most important issue in this election, because my opponent’s employer is county government. I recently had a conversation with a sitting county surveyor from a nearby Colorado county about my opponent’s employment and the office of county surveyor. His take was that if my opponent were to be elected, he would have to resign his current position with the county to be legitimate in the office of county surveyor. This is not meant towards my opponent personally, but I get asked this question almost every day and the citizens have a right to understand what they are really voting for.

Now the politics; recent innuendo from the retired county surveyor and his deputy’s campaign manager attempts to sway citizens with the term “conflict of interest.” The simple fact is there are elected officials all over the United States who own businesses, are elected and carry out their term in office with no issues. My opponent claims that a vote for him would save $35,000 to Eagle County taxpayers — if you follow this logic then you have to ask the question, does that mean we wasted $35,000 per year over the last 12 years on Dan Corcoran who was in office? I think not. I believe citizens are with me and will not step over a dollar to pick up a dime.

Lastly, in my previous 2010 campaign I said if I were elected I would scan in survey records and make them available for everyone online. Well, that must have been a great idea because that is exactly what the current county surveyor made happen right after the last election. I have a hard time believing it started six years ago, though, as the other camp claims. If he were working on it before the 2010 campaign, why did he wait until now to let us know — and why did it take six years to scan in around 900 maps? I believe the sole reason the records were scanned in and placed online, just in time for this election, is because I made it an issue in the last election, which means I’m already helping the citizens without being voted in. But there is more work to be done, so I ask for your vote for the office of county surveyor. I’m on the level and I can lay down the line.

Ted Archibeque

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