Vail Daily letter: Avon misses mark with events |

Vail Daily letter: Avon misses mark with events

It’s no secret since the $3.7 million stage in Nottingham Park has been built, the town of Avon has done little to generate events big enough to attract people willing to travel and spend money in our community.

According to an article published on Nov. 27 of last year by the Vail Daily, the town of Avon approved $35,000 to help fund the two-day Cover Rock festival this past summer. My only question is, why? It’s the promoter’s job to finance the event, not Avon’s.

The $35,000 that was invested in Cover Rock would have been put to better use bringing regional and smaller national touring bands to Nottingham Park throughout the spring, summer, and fall months.

However, why should we be surprised by some of the Town Council’s spending habits? They vote to buy an unfinished building for $1.7 million, spend money creating a rarely used Avon Mall, and whatever they did to West Beaver Creek Boulevard.

Please listen to my advice before you commit another $35,000 to next year’s British Invasion Cover Rock. Think about how much that investment earned you this year. Then call up Madison House, which is a nationally recognized booking agency based out of Boulder and ask them for help. You need it if you ever want to see a return on the $3.7 million spent.

You can’t just build an incredible stage and expect big money events to be knocking on your door. The town of Avon should have done whatever they could to keep Winter Wondergrass here in Avon. Not only because it’s the only event to be held on the stage to earn a profit but it also helps establish credibility with other potential event organizers.

Best of luck,

Andrew Liedle


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