Vail Daily letter: Avon needs new leadership |

Vail Daily letter: Avon needs new leadership

A change in Avon’s leadership is needed this November election.

Avon’s (incumbent) mayor has spoken several times at the last Town Council public meetings, insisting that her Town Council “listens.”

The undisputed fact of the matter is that the opposite is true.

Consider: The reversal of the Town Council to 100 percent change their plan to hand $500,000 in Avon tax credits to the new Avon business Sun and Ski after listening to Avon voters and businesses objecting to their “deal as was originally negotiated.”

Consider: The reversal of the Town Council for their plan to put additional mountain bike trails into the Avon neighborhoods of Wildridge/Wildwood and Mountain Star. In standing-room-only meeting(s) Avon’s Planning and Zoning Commission and council heard the overwhelming objections by these property owners to reject the plan put forth by the Town Council and Avon’s town staff.

Consider: The council’s failed plan ($2.5 million?) to transform downtown Avon roads into a kind of (pedestrian friendly?) streetscape including the (now reversed) plan to block one of the entrances to the Avon Post Office.

The town of Avon needs leadership that listens first and acts (secondarily) after a carefully run public process.

A change is needed in how Avon’s council works with Avon’s town manager. Per Avon’s Town Charter, the town manager works for the Town Council, not the other way around.

Consider: Avon’s town manager was directly involved in the (now) failed negotiations with WinterWonderGrass music concert — that is now moving to Steamboat.

Consider: The $2 million cost overrun for Avon’s music stage … that now needs a new wind screen?

Avon is ready for a positive change in leadership. I ask for your vote this November. Pete Buckley — candidate for change, Avon Town Council.

Pete Buckley


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