Vail Daily letter: Avon theater not needed |

Vail Daily letter: Avon theater not needed

My husband and I recently looked at purchasing a residential property in Chapel Square which is for sale by owner. During our conversations with the current owner (and follow-up conversations with the town of Avon) we have confirmed that the Hoffman family, the new owners of all of downtown Avon, have a crazy idea of shoe-horning a movie theatre into where the Red Mountain Grill currently sits. This is insane.

Avon does not need a movie theatre. We are already surrounded with theaters of both high and low quality. More importantly, the residents and shops of Chapel Square don’t need a year of construction dust, noise, limited parking and congestion to end up with one new screen the size of a typical Bachelor Gulch entertainment room! Finally, the area does not need the impacts that come from a theater. I know if I owned a residence above the proposed theater I would be very upset with the unavoidable traffic, noise and antics of teen-age kids every evening. Just sit outside the theatre in Edwards (or any theatre for that matter) to see what I mean.

Retro-fitted theaters with higher-end residential complexes directly above them don’t mix. I don’t understand why the Hoffmans think different. I hope they publicly change their minds. The current (and future) owners and tenants would love the peace of mind of knowing they won’t have to suffer such impacts. Until such time, we are going elsewhere to buy our mountain dream condo.

Martha Charles


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