Vail Daily letter: Avon upgrades needed |

Vail Daily letter: Avon upgrades needed

I am thrilled to vote “yes” on the Avon Recreation Center Expansion. This is Ballot Issue 2A and could not come at a more opportune time. The recreation center is ready for some upgraded showers, more space for weights and yoga, and a new waterslide after 20 years of use. Adding a 17,000-square-foot field house so that we can shoot hoops, have indoor sports leagues, maybe a kids’ indoor playground and climbing wall is just what Avon recreationists need.

The Nottingham playground, restrooms and soccer field all are exhausted. If approved, Ballot Issue 2A will provide funding for replacements. How awesome these new facilities will be for our citizens and for our guests including Xterra athletes and Triple By-Pass riders.

It is a big number $12.5 million — all without a tax increase. Yes, we are voting to extend the debt we already pay in property taxes, but that is different than having property taxes increased. This is great timing for us to make a difference without new taxes. I ask that you join me and make something wonderful happen.

Mat DeVito


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