Vail Daily letter: Avon’s half-baked ideas |

Vail Daily letter: Avon’s half-baked ideas

So the truth is slowly coming out about the objectives of this Avon Town Council.

I’m beginning to think they bought the Skier Building so they can develop the old office space and fire/police station property as one big parcel and develop it as per the Benchmark Group “allowances” for the use of that land.

Jennie, the town doesn’t need another hotel or “nice parking lot” that I keep reading you’re pushing for … you’ve mentioned this four or five times now and I find it really disturbing you keep pushing for that. Why?

We have a great little piece of land there. I think we need to set that aside for 20 years and give that to the future residents of Avon. Give them a say in what happens with it — we have no idea what their needs will be in the future and to just develop it because this board sees it as a waste of potential revenue now is really disturbing … narrow-minded and disturbing!

It’s unfortunate Avon residents get no say on the Skier Building other than how to pay for it. It may be a great deal or we may end up with huge cost overrunss but give us some say on the matter, not just on how to pay for it. What’s the board trying to hide and why all the secrecy around the deal anyway?

A nice parking lot … please, Jennie, that’s an oxymoron. There’s no such thing as a nice parking lot! We need to create this space for the residents and our communities’ future needs. Let’s not just build something to build because interest rates are low. I believe a parking lot or hotel there is a terrible usage of that space that the residents will never use, only visitors!

I think we need more transparency with this board and their “agenda” or we’re all going to wake up one morning reading about a “great deal” they reached with some big hotel chain giving away the last parcel we have in town all for some added tax revenue!

I also just read the other day where “the town officials” are now searching for a new sculpture for the roundabout where that ugly 2015 display is. Here’s a thought — why not put the “cowboy on horseback roping the horse” back where it was and save the residents some $600,000-plus instead of buying something new for that space? That cowboy and horse is perfect for that space and represented a nice link to the past and history of the area.

The “board” needs to please stop wasting taxpayers’ hard-earned money on these lame half-baked ideas!

You’re supposed to be representing the residents of Avon’s best interest, but I really have a hard time seeing that as the case.

Here’s a suggestion: Run weekly ads like Vail does announcing upcoming discussions and voting issues so residents can voice their thoughts and ideas beforehand rather than afterwards.

Jim Bahan


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