Vail Daily letter: Ban campaign ads |

Vail Daily letter: Ban campaign ads

Yeah, let’s just start with that: Campaign ads — do they really have any purpose? The system has to change. Now, it is not unusual to wait in line at the local post offices, but today I had to wait in line to distribute the 30 high-gloss political ads directly into the trash/recycle bin without even looking at the work of the graphic artists — toothy grins and promises they may hold. I was not alone in this line; in fact, I think it may have represented a very wide demographic of this area. Everyone, young and old, rich and poor, they all tossed the campaigns valuable messages directly into the bin. They did not discriminate between conservative or liberal. Each was treated to a one-way trip to the landfill.

What a waste, I thought. What a complete waste of everybody’s time and money. The paper and photo processing, not to mention the postage, are a waste. But, let’s concentrate on the TV ads. Nobody likes them; in fact, most people hate them and are quite vocal about it. He said this, she said that, this side says this and the other says that. We as citizens of Colorado go nowhere. We as citizens of this nation spiral downward while we let politicians argue about things that really make no difference in the big picture. That picture is bleak, no doubt, if we allow politicians to sell themselves and their vote to the highest bidder. That wasn’t what I was taught in school about democracy and how our government was supposed to work. But that’s how our government works now. So get out your checkbook or go to the back of the line and realize that your vote doesn’t matter anyway because the ballot box has been purchased already.

In today’s world of streaming information and program recording, the commercial can easily be fast-forwarded through. People do not want to endure the torturous political content. It is a waste and is only seen by those who cannot work their TV remote control. However, to watch live football during the weekend we have to sit through a parade of political puppetry. As an American, that’s where I draw the line and say, “no more.” Remember when TV ads were about products that people might want to buy, and in turn help our economy? Now, all we have is the choice between prescription meds for your penis and the latest attack ads of sparring political opponents back to back. The ads take up space that could be sold to real customers selling American products. The money spent on these ads is insane and could be spent in many other ways that would do our country, the politicians and everybody some good. What if we used all the money spent on campaign ads from both sides for education next year? Could we all agree on that? Let’s put it towards homelessness, hunger, or how about declare war on Ebola in the name of good old American “fear mongering”? That’s a war we might be able to win or finish.

These ads are simply useless and a waste of money. They do not inform the public. They only point fingers and place blame. I have never seen one that offered any true solutions to any real problems. It is partisan political ping-pong, and our future is the ball.

I am so sick and tired of every election having to listen through an insane procession of ads about abortion. Let’s get this straight. It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, a Republican, a Christian, a Satanist, the Pope, Snoop Dogg, Rush Limbaugh or Bill Maher, it is quite simply none of your business, and certainly no business of our government! The mother, father and doctor are the only ones involved in that issue, because they are the ones living it. There is nothing political about it. It is private and should stay that way forever and always. Luckily, our wise founding fathers decided to respect everyone’s religious rights, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. They found it logical to separate church and state. I feel that it is such a simple issue that our government should be well past it. We need to move beyond these issues and on to more important things once and for all. If that’s what it really comes down to, that’s what really polarizes us as a nation. I feel it’s a sad day for America. Will we really continue to sit by while our government argues about what to do with some random mysterious woman’s womb? No matter which side you’re on, it is just plain messing in people’s private affairs. I bet we’d all be a little bit happier in this nation if we didn’t have to sit through these ads. We wouldn’t have to explain to our children how ignorant and incompetent our government has become. It is not of the people and for the people. Let’s change it. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, one of the people we elect in the next few weeks will be “brave enough” to write legislation to ban these ads? Let’s make sure we ask them to! Do we not put them in place to do what we the people want, and everybody hates these ads, right?

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Robb Swimm

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