Vail Daily letter: Ban gay marriage |

Vail Daily letter: Ban gay marriage

I am writing this letter after giving some thought to all of the silliness found in the local newspaper at times. What caught my attention recently were articles on gay “marriage” and the banning of plastic bags in Vail.

The Vail Valley is full of people so intent on saving the earth that they lose sight of what is truly important in life: God, family and the Green Bay Packers (OK, maybe not so much the last one). The first two are very important, though! That being said, I see this valley (and the country as a whole) going against God’s word. Just read the daily newspaper! The Bible makes it clear that homosexual practices are sinful, that marriage is between a man and a woman and that we should be good stewards of the earth, but we are not to worship it.

So where am I going with this letter? I am simply trying to point out the silliness of those looking to ban plastic bags. Do you really have nothing else in life to worry about than banning plastic bags? What good will that do? Liberalism is just not “sustainable” (a term loved by those on the left) when it comes to homosexuality and the environment. So we are to encourage and support the homosexual lifestyle and worship the earth all while banning plastic bags? This is just so ludicrous to me.

I have a better idea: Let’s ban gay so-called “marriage” and allow the use of plastic bags. I for one have a drawer full of plastic bags in my home. They sure do come in handy for bathroom trash and for picking up dog waste. Long live the plastic bag!

Paul M. Gallagher

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