Vail Daily letter: Baseless accusations |

Vail Daily letter: Baseless accusations

Despite what was written in John LaConte’s article, I want to make it clear that it was I who requested that the Avon Town Council start an inquiry into the baseless accusations leveled against Todd Goulding and me. I sent an email to Rich Carroll on Monday, Aug. 5, asking that the council look into this, which they have agreed to do.

I asked for this because there is nothing to hide, and I am absolutely confident that an independent investigation will show that nothing even remotely unethical has gone on.

My company, I personally, and Todd Goulding have been in this valley for years. Those who have worked with us know our integrity and our reputation. The hundreds of successful projects we have completed are proof of our capabilities and expertise. Our commitment to the communities we live in is demonstrated in the thousands of hours and dollars we and our employees dedicate to charitable organizations serving local needs.

It’s disheartening and quite honestly, somewhat bewildering, that false accusations like these can so quickly grow out of proportion. However, we are certain that the inquiry will show them to be unfounded and baseless, and we look forward to a quick resolution of these issues.

Chris Evans

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Town Councilman, Avon

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