Vail Daily letter: Be a part of Pink Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Be a part of Pink Vail

I would like to take the opportunity to thank those in the community who are showing your support for Pink Vail, which is coming up on March 21, and encourage everyone to get involved. By creating teams and raising funds for this fun event, you make an incredibly positive impact on the lives of your friends, neighbors and community members living with and being treated for cancer at Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

It’s likely you have had a personal experience with cancer. Whether this disease has become part of your story or the story of someone you love, chances are you know it is much more than a medical issue. Cancer affects the whole person, the whole family. At Shaw, not only do we believe in providing the highest quality medical care, we believe it is imperative to give high quality whole person care, and we can do that with your support.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from Pink Vail stay local, funding the Spirit of Survival program at Shaw. Thanks to the generosity of those involved in Pink Vail, we are able to offer complimentary counseling, nutrition and fitness consults, massage, acupuncture and other integrative services. A majority of these services are not typically covered by insurance, but can have huge benefit to people who are trying to live their best lives in spite of this horrible disease.

As more and more people in the country are living with cancer as part of their story, the world is recognizing the benefit of this whole person care approach to treatment and Shaw is leading the way because of you.

Often patients share with me that they were prepared for the medical impact of a diagnosis; the physical symptoms, the medications, and the side effects. They were not, they share, prepared for “everything else” — the emotional ups and downs, the separation anxiety from the care team as regular treatment comes to an end, the late nights filled with wandering and often unhelpful thoughts about the future. Fortunately, because of the funds raised for Pink Vail, we at Shaw are able to help with the “everything else.”

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So thank you for recognizing the importance of whole person care and supporting it with your enthusiasm, your time, and your donation to Pink Vail. I am truly grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you decked out in your pink costume on March 21!

Margaret Brammer

Spirit of Survival coordinator, Shaw Regional Cancer Center

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