Vail Daily letter: Be good to trees |

Vail Daily letter: Be good to trees

Thirty-five years ago next spring, I moved to Booth Creek in Vail and regularly hiked my backyard trail. It started out steep and, in places, it was mostly grass-covered. Proceeding up and north, a hiker would find the trail again. Today, I refer to it as the “interstate of hiking trails,” since the trail is recommended to every hiking guest by every Vail hotel concierge.

Sadly, a few of the thousands who enjoy the beauty of the trail have not been able to refrain from vainly adding their names or initials to virtually every tree along the lane. The carved graffiti will endure for the life of the tree.

May the abuse of Booth Creek Trail serve as a cautionary tale. I encourage those of you who have a favorite aspen-lined avenue to proactively post a notice at the trailhead to spread the “be good to trees” movement.

A piece of paper, a marker, a zip plastic bag and tape is all that is needed. At your trailhead post the notice: “Be good to trees. Do not carve skin.”

Rangers, concierges, teachers and parents, please share this haiku with each hiker:

Be good to the aspens.

They own their integrity.

Do not carve their skin.

Let the trail registry and comment box confirm your presence and your affection.

Charlyn C. Canada

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