Vail Daily letter: Be part of the process |

Vail Daily letter: Be part of the process

I spent a surprising hour at the Town of Eagle Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Tuesday. I went specifically to learn more about the proposed development along the river on the other side of Grand Avenue. The commission members graciously answered, as well as they could, my questions about the railroad, the environmental impact statement to come, and the housing planned for that corridor (a small percentage of which is to be designated “affordable”). They could not answer the question as to what would happen to the people in the trailer park in the middle of the planned development; that is not part of the planning process. I did not ask them what they thought the new occupants would think of the terrific noise that comes across the river from the fairgrounds during the summer — probably not a planning problem.

What was so surprising was that I was the only member of the public attending! I can’t fault anyone else for not being there; this was the first planning meeting I’ve been to. However, I have talked to people who think the whole plan is a done deal, but found that is not so. The commission members made it clear that they are still welcoming questions and input, and made me feel quite comfortable with mine. The next meeting will be early January. You can sign up on the town of Eagle website to get notification of, and agendas for, the planning meetings and Town Board meetings. I hope to do better about attending in the future.

Katherine Delanoy


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