Vail Daily letter: Be responsible with pets |

Vail Daily letter: Be responsible with pets

This letter is for irresponsible dog owners. It breaks my heart to see lost dogs and I could never drive by a dog needing help. I live in Wildridge where there are many dogs and most of the people that own dogs up here take care of them. To be a dog in the Vail Valley is priceless … unless your owner is irresponsible.

There is a beautiful senior Bernese mountain dog that roams freely on occasion in my neighborhood, usually in the morning. I pray every day that he will not be hit by a car or snowplow. I see people drive so fast on these roads with no concern to wildlife or dogs that may be in the road, especially at night.

Last night I turned down my street and saw not only the Bernese, but another little stray dog following him. They were both black and extremely hard to see. My husband and neighbor were able to get the little stray, but the Bernese ran off towards Old Trail Road, and a car drove by so fast, didn’t even see him. I thought of him all night hoping he was safe. How can you do this? Being a dog owner you are responsible to keep your dog healthy and happy and safe until they grow old and eventually pass. Isn’t your dog a member of your family? Shame, shame on you for breaking this trust.

I hope the owners of this sweet Bernese sees this letter. You are not only putting your dog at death’s door, but what about the person that hits your dog? That person would feel horrible! Please, if you love your dog, take the time to walk with him. Did you forget why you decided to get a dog? Do you just not care?

I am not the only person in this neighborhood that feels this way about seeing your dog run free. Please be responsible. I do not want to see this beautiful dog of yours lying in the street.

Jeri Penland

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