Vail Daily letter: Be safe on roads |

Vail Daily letter: Be safe on roads

School is back in session! Many valley residents commute to work by driving a motor vehicle, be it car, truck or motorcycle. Many valley residents’ morning drive takes them by their neighborhood school — at the same time the kids are walking, biking or scootering to that neighborhood school. Please — have patience when the crossing guard stops traffic for 30-45 seconds so the kids can cross the street and arrive safely at school.

Please: Obey the 20 mph speed limit.

Please: Put your phone down.

Please: Put your coffee mug down.

Please: Pay attention!

If you can’t handle the slight congestion and delay of the school and pedestrian traffic, either leave 10 minutes earlier to avoid the traffic or drive a different route to bypass the school. Remember, these kids are your future (someday they’ll be paying your Social Security!).

Sam Decker


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