Vail Daily letter: Beautiful memorial, symbol |

Vail Daily letter: Beautiful memorial, symbol

When I look at the new For the Love of Lacrosse Ball Wall in memory of Taft Conlin, No. 12, located at EVHS, what I see is a vibrant, resilient, solid and unshakable symbol of community, kindness, and support.

This lacrosse ball wall is collaboration for the benefit of our youth at its finest. It is a memorial to our son, Taft, and also a beautiful representation of what can happen when a community comes together with supportive intention. The completion of this undertaking is community; community as defined by the relationships within it.

In addition to thanking all the people who raised money in Taft’s honor after he died, we would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their participation in the actual construction project: Scott and Cappie Green, SGE Inc., EVHS Athletic Director Tami Payne, Craig Large, Kevin Mehan and Landmark Environments, the Ewing family and Ewing Trucking, Don and Ron Hedrick and Hedrick Construction, the town of Gypsum, Ken Benedict and Wylaco Supply Company, Dale Collett and Pro Turf Solutions, Larry Matthews and Seeding the Rockies, Will Green and Alonzo Serrano, Mountain Women Hockey Players and Eagle Valley High Students, Gallegos Corporation, Site Resource Management, Spiegel Construction, Bronn Trucking, United Companies and Grand Junction Pipe.

The new field space and this magnificent wall at EVHS are a huge symbol of the love and support showered upon our family in the aftermath of a devastating loss; a memorial, not only to our Taft, but also to our Eagle Valley community as a whole. We are immensely grateful and honored to be a part of it. Thank you!

Louise Ingalls

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