Vail Daily letter: Beaver for Avon council |

Vail Daily letter: Beaver for Avon council

I am writing on behalf of my better half for the past 11 years. What you need to know about Town Council candidate Thomas Beaver is his character. You already know he has had successful businesses for over 40 years and has amazing ideas for the lovely town of Avon. What you don’t know is how much he cares about people. When one of his employees passed away, he paid their mother’s utility bills for 12 years. He hires people to give them a fresh start, he feeds hungry locals who can’t afford to eat. He is like a dad to everyone he deals with in this valley. He makes sure vendors, employees and the like are paid before we eat. He jumps in with both feet to provide for families who have had a loss and gives endlessly to local fundraisers, charities and organizations. He supports the local arts and music scene with passion and cares about people, no matter what their ethnicity, orientation or working class status is.

I have been with Tom Beaver for 11 years because he has a heart of gold and I feel completely safe and secure with him. He is the most loyal man I have ever known in my 52 years and have never known anyone with the amount of passion, spirit, drive, ambition and energy like he has. He doesn’t brag about his extensive education. He doesn’t brag about who he knows. He doesn’t speak about how great he is; that is what makes him so amazing. He is thoughtful, intelligent and wise. Even after having his Achilles operated on, the next day, he was out meeting and greeting folks. He puts everyone before him and has such an amazing connection with the community.

Why add Tom Beaver to the Town Council? Easy. There will be a soulful, caring, non-self-serving person to add to the already amazing existing people on the council. A man with heart is giving Avon a fresh start.

Elizabeth Ferron

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