Vail Daily letter: Benitez, Jessen, Seabury for Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Benitez, Jessen, Seabury for Eagle

As Eagle’s April 1 election draws near, I’m compelled to voice my opinion about the direction our community is headed and what “progress” really means. I believe progress is defined by the platforms outlined by Luis Benitez, Andy Jessen and Doug Seabury. In short, they are committed to assuring that Eagle is moving forward.

Luis, Andy and Doug are successful professionals who champion local business and smart growth. Each has a history of contributing to Eagle’s business community and representing the energy that will move Eagle forward. Their ideals and vision for our town’s future include making sure that Eagle is open for business and actively seizing opportunities to make the town and its business community more economically viable. This includes pursuing more recognition as a recreational destination for trail users, organized sporting tournaments and other group business. In addition, they have each expressed the need for the town to capture more sales tax revenue and thoughtfully grow Eagle’s population to support small business.

Eagle has enjoyed many successes in the past year including hosting the Colorado League’s State Championship Mountain Biking race, a feature in Sunset Magazine as a great weekend destination, and numerous accolades and mentions as a great community in local and regional media outlets.

As citizens, it’s our duty to make certain that our elected officials have the same values and aspirations as the people they are elected to represent. If you haven’t already, please vote for vote for Luis, Andy and Doug on Tuesday.

Lonnie Leto


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