Vail Daily letter: Better location |

Vail Daily letter: Better location

In my opinion the underpass on I-70 should be located directly across from the Cascade Hotel, which would locate it at the Timber Ridge entrance on the north side of I-70, which will be razed and rebuilt in the coming years. There seems to been more land available at this point in the highway. With less impact on local residents.

To locate it further east impacts a local condominium adversely. The deaths that have occurred over the years on I-70 are from residents crossing the highway illegally from the north side where Timber Ridge is located. Solve the two issues of where to locate it, and have the greatest positive impact on the area.

There is already a lift in place to serve skiers in the winter who might live on the north side. And bus stops at both locations. To locate it further east would greatly benefit Vail Resorts if and when the Ever Vail west portal is built, the only reason that I can see to locate it further east from where I propose to build it. Just my opinion — thanks for reading it.

Lenny Bloom


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