Vail Daily letter: Bettis for coroner |

Vail Daily letter: Bettis for coroner

Eagle County voters should re-elect Kara Bettis for the office of Eagle County coroner, the clearly superior candidate based on her experience, forensic training, dedication and commendable performance. The county coroner’s tasks must be performed under often arduous and unpleasant circumstances beyond those directly associated with the tragedy itself. Consider the challenges of a single mom with two school-age children at home traveling to the site of a traffic fatality on I-70 at 3 a.m. in the middle of a snowstorm. That requires tremendous dedication while performing those tasks with professionalism and compassion for the deceased and their families. I know from my personal acquaintance with Ms. Bettis that she is a thoroughly professional and compassionate person and a reliable and dedicated public servant of the residents of Eagle County.

Joe McHugh


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