Vail Daily letter: Bettis for coroner |

Vail Daily letter: Bettis for coroner

I am writing this letter in support of the re-election of Kara Bettis for coroner.

I have lived here and been an Eagle County resident for 17 years and I have been observing the campaigns of the two candidates for coroner. Just as many people that I’ve spoken to, I’m pretty turned off and appalled by how Sue Franciose is running such a negative campaign. Her attacking of the current coroner’s office and her aggressive nature seem way over the top, and clearly contradict the qualities that the position requires. She tries to talk about how she is kind and caring, however, in my opinion, her rash actions speak louder and prove what an unfit match she is for an elected office that demands compassion, patience and understanding. Her desperation and unprofessionalism have been displayed, not only during the candidate debates in September, but in her current negative advertisements on Facebook. After all, we are talking about the coroner’s position, folks.

Through all this I think we’ve learned way more than we thought we would about the job of the coroner. What I’ve learned is that the No. 1 primary job of the coroner is to investigate the cause of death. Second, it is to notify the next of kin. It’s here where one’s personality shines through. It’s here where the compassion and patience with the grieving is critical. It’s then, only then, when the other areas of administration and tissue donation (areas that Sue has been critical) become priorities. Obviously these areas are extremely important, but I feel she’s just reaching for something to base her campaign on, and has missed the main focus of the job. Don’t be fooled. She has clearly proven to me how inexperienced and unfit she is for the office of coroner. Eagle County residents deserve more from someone who is running to be an elected official who’s going lead this county.

Kara Bettis is nothing but professional in all that she does for Eagle County. When I think about who I would want to help my family if I passed away, I would want someone that is knowledgeable to the job and has experience in working with families. Someone that is patient, caring and compassionate. Someone who has given 110 percent day in and day out for our county and succeeded. Someone who has a proven track record. So if you cannot decide whom to vote for as coroner this November election, think about these qualities that Kara Bettis has demonstrated the last 12 years. I know I am voting for Kara Bettis for coroner in this November election as should you.

Shaun Baldwin


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