Vail Daily letter: Bettis for coroner |

Vail Daily letter: Bettis for coroner

Are you exhausted with the negative political ads we’ve all been exposed to on television, the newspapers and on the radio? I undoubtedly am, and that’s why I’ve chosen to write this letter.

Despite the relentless mud-slinging we are all subjected to, Kara Bettis (who is running for re-election as our coroner) has remained positive in her campaign. This attitude shows the compassion necessary in her career, as well as her professionalism.

Kara has served our community as coroner for 12 years. She has handled over 700 cases, receiving numerous testimonials from families who have lost their loved ones.

We should be receiving our ballots in the mail soon. If you agree that unnecessary negative political campaigns pale in comparison to Kara’s extensive experience and dedication, you have but one choice, and that is to re-elect Kara Bettis as your coroner.

Karie Konopasek


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