Vail Daily letter: Bikes not meant for highway |

Vail Daily letter: Bikes not meant for highway

I feel unsafe. I shouldn’t have to swerve into oncoming traffic just because you want to ride your bicycle on the highway. Especially when there is a bike path literally 20 yards away. Why don’t they have to pay taxes to use our roads? Why don’t they use turn (or hand) signals? Why can they roll through a red light without our police force even looking at them? Maybe because the tickets wouldn’t bring enough revenue for our esteemed officers to justify doing the paperwork? What entitles you to ride on the highway? I have yet to see a license plate on a bicycle. Why is that? Because it is not meant for the highway. I have a lot of friends that ride. Fortunately, we have more than a third-grade education, and do not ride on a highway. Please print this, so we can bring attention to this issue. Is it going to take some poor soul dying on the side of Highway 6 to bring this to light? Let’s get smart people.

Robert Saldana

Red Cliff

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