Vail Daily letter: Blatant bigotry |

Vail Daily letter: Blatant bigotry

I am disappointed in the Vail Daily’s obvious desire to cause bigots and religion bashers to express themselves such as Mr. Carnes did in his latest diatribe against Mormonism. His obvious hatred of this specific group of people and those who believe in this form of belief show the very worst elements of our society in not being able to control himself and his use of your platform to express his hateful and vicious attacks on those who have caused him no harm. If his true purpose is to object to Utah’s laws then perhaps he, and certainly us, would be better served by his immediate removal to the state of Utah, where his article may have the negative effect he is searching for.

Early Latter Day Saints suffered extreme persecution for their beliefs and never gave anything but their devotion to this great nation. Mr. Carnes’ opinions are just a further extension of this persecution. I am ashamed that the Vail Daily would allow this kind of blatant persecution and bigotry to be any part of your publication.

Robert Jay


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