Vail Daily letter: Blue Zones Project applies to valley |

Vail Daily letter: Blue Zones Project applies to valley

Your recent coverage of the topic of Blue Zones (“Blue Zones offer insight into finding longevity in the Vail Valley,” Sept. 19) was a thoughtful piece due to its application to residents in the Vail Valley. The human obsession with longevity is well known and practiced by people exercising often, eating plant-based diets, as well as engaging in an active social life. I think that there are people who see great health and overall benefits to their life when they partake in such activities that are good for their mind, body and emotional well-being. The article takes into account the assortment of factors that goes into human longevity such as cosmetic and prescription medications, lifestyle choices and genetics; all of these factors play a role in human longevity. It is the balance of those things and what people believe will truly make them live longer and healthier lives — is it the prescription face cream or cosmetic injections they get from their doctors, is it the plant-based diet and nutrition minded, or is it these people who live the lifestyle in Blue Zones?

I think the Blue Zone project is easily adaptable into every person’s life and can healthfully contribute to human longevity – it’s a mix of genetic and lifestyle factors. The article is only an introduction to human longevity, with a focus on the Blue Zones, which has been in the national news recently from National Geographic to CNN reporting. I also believe that Blue Zone attributes (the nine characteristics that Blue Zones have in common) can be applicable to the Vail Valley. Many people here are active and eat a well-balanced diet. They also have active social lives, a sense of self and spirituality whether that be from many yoga practices to simply being in the beautiful nature that is the Vail Valley. The Blue Zones Project can very well be applied to the Vail Valley with, I believe, great success.

Charlotte Shaffer-Morel

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