Vail Daily letter: Bogey on 18 |

Vail Daily letter: Bogey on 18

The District Court judge ruled last week that the Vail Golf Course homeowners are not entitled to stop the relocation of the 18th green.

In his ruling, Judge Frank Plaut stated that the homeowners were not a party to the Pulis deed restriction and not entitled to enforce the covenants of that deed.

Although the deed stated that this covenant shall be for the benefit of the public, Judge Plaut ruled that only the Pulis Ranch or the town of Vail can enforce that agreement.

Huh? I guess this means the neighbors to the land are not members of the public who were supposed to be protected from overdevelopment.

The town of Vail argued successfully that there now exists a safety concern around the clubhouse and on the 18th fairway.

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Errant golf balls now necessitate relocating the 18th green. Even the judge acknowledged that the new outdoor wedding event venue was probably part of the new safety issue.

Expect the bulldozers to arrive in September to tear up the 18th green and turn it in to a jury rigged par 4.

The clubhouse will remain for now, as the bigger lawsuit over the design and use of the clubhouse still continues. The bridesmaids will now get to stand on the grass at 18 rather than the golfers.

Rest assured, whoever gets the naming rights to the new event center can expect that the golfers will relocate that placard to the urinal wall.

Dale Bugby


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