Vail Daily letter: Bring back safety tips |

Vail Daily letter: Bring back safety tips

Like many people who have lived and skied or boarded Vail for decades, I remember when Vail Mountain was dotted with double chairlifts. At that time on most of the lift towers were small signs that gave skiers various input aimed to make their skiing experience a bit better. These signs said things like “don’t ski seldom skied areas alone” and as you got to the top, “keep your tips up.” These days, however, some feel that too many signs can be a type of pollution, however the highway department uses the lighted signs quite effectively to update traffic of road conditions and problems ahead. I feel that education on mountain safety and etiquette is needed now more than ever and lift tower signs just might be the way to do it.

Chris Jarnot in his address to the Vail homeowners said he felt that VR was doing all they could to promote safety on the hill and that more enforcement people on the hill is the solution. I agree that enforcement is needed but that there is more that can be done. In the past the ski company has been reluctant to make changes based on public input but hopefully they will consider to again use the lift towers to educate the snow riding public on various safety tips that many are not following or aware of.

Randy Guerriero

West Vail

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