Vail Daily letter: Bring back the bighorn

I saw the bighorn sheep article in the Vail Daily.

Why can’t we get bighorn sheep in the Sawatch Range or in Eagle’s state park up Brush Creek?

In the winters of the ‘40s and ‘50s, during the rut bighorn sheep wouldn’t let kids get to school up Brush Creek, on oldtimer said.

Eagle Valley Enterprise Editor Marilla McCain wrote 60 years ago that what was once a large herd of “woolies” in the Brush Creek Valley had dwindled to just eight head after a bighorn hunting season was instituted, according to a “60 years ago” entry in the Eagle Valley Enterprise earlier this year.

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I’ve me with the Bighorn Sheep Foundation about introducing sheep in the Sawatch Range. They were enthused and said they would look at it.

I think you get more movement in a mortuary then you do with government. We need the towns and Eagle County to step forward and get this done. They want more tourists and revenue.

Let’s go, Eagle County, Vail, Avon, Edwards, Eagle and Gypsum.

Corky Fitzsimmons

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