Vail Daily letter: Broken trust

On Oct. 29, Eagle Mayor Yuri Kostick and board member Doug Seabury took a trip to Florida to meet with Haymeadow real estate developer Alan Cohen. This trip was not discussed at any town board meeting, was not authorized by the Eagle town board, and was financed by Mr. Cohen. This is a violation of the Amendment 41 ban on gifts to elected officials. Upon their return, Mayor Kostick and Mr. Seabury then violated Colorado Sunshine Law by holding secret meetings with several board members to discuss their trip and budget matters. Now they are attempting to have the other members of the town of Eagle board complicitly violate the spirit if not the intent of Amendment 41 by having the taxpayers pick up the tab for their trip.

Additionally, Mayor Kostick was the primary advocate of and voted for a series of no-bid contracts totaling $90,000 to construct recreational trails in Eagle. No-bid contracts are historically seldom, if ever, done. A year later, Mr. Kostick has taken a job with the company that was given the no-bid contract. In light of these violations, the town of Eagle board in its fiduciary and stewardship capacity, and in order to maintain their integrity should reject using taxpayer monies to pay for a trip that was not authorized, and the town board should censure both Mayor Kostick and Mr. Seabury for their violations of Colorado law.

Trust is perhaps the most important quality we require of our politicians, who are elected to represent us with the highest degree of integrity, both in their public roles and personally. It is apparent that Mayor Kostick and Doug Seabury have not only broken the trust of their constituents, but their personal integrity has been seriously called into question.

Kraige Kinney


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