Vail Daily letter: Browning for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Browning for Vail council

I have known Ms. Browning as a local philanthropist for many years. I have known Dorothy “Doe” Browning personally for six years, beginning when she agreed to serve on the board of directors of The Youth Foundation. In her years of service, Doe’s dedication, commitment, active participation and clear communication was matched by her sound fiduciary judgment. Doe took her role seriously, always prepared at meetings, fully reviewing all agenda items and notes.

Doe’s commitment went beyond her responsibilities as a board member. Her concern and actions to address quality of life for families in Eagle County has helped to bridge a chasm that exists in our community. Doe continues to highlight opportunities to help children glimpse the wonders of our community and world, and continually works with diligence to offer individuals a chance to extend their education. Doe has dedicated thousands of hours to creating solutions that help local children learn and grow, building rapport and relationships that expand our sense of community.

As a member of Vail Town Council, Doe will offer encouragement, support, and guidance, creativity, wit and enthusiasm to her service. She will keep the best interest of people at the forefront of all her efforts. Vail will be better for her service to you.

Susie Davis

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