Vail Daily letter: Browning for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Browning for Vail council

Doe Browning is the most civic-minded and active citizen I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. During the past 16 years while she’s been a resident of Vail, she’s actively served on the board of six separate public organizations dedicated to improving life for our residents. Doe is definitely not just another pretty face, but a substantial woman who has already accomplished great things for our community. Whether as chairperson of the Art in Public Places committee or on the board of the Youth Foundation where I served with her, her thinking has been original but practical, and she has backed up her ideas with hard work. She would be a great asset to the Town Council, and I have little doubt that we would soon feel the positive effects of her dedicated and intelligent work.

Dick Rothkopf

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