Vail Daily letter: Browning for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Browning for Vail council

I’m very excited to recommend my friend, Doe Browning, for a seat on the Vail Town Council. I’ve known Doe for a number of years and have gotten to know her even better recently. I remember many years ago seeing Doe with her young daughter in her bright socks coming home to the Montaneros from school.

I’ve continually sought conversation with Doe over the years because she’s been so knowledgeable about town ventures, her pleasure of being part of the community always being evident. We now share strategies to update our marketing of Montaneros in order to upgrade our condominium rentals. It’s a delight to know someone with so much continuous knowledge about what’s going on in the valley, and especially in the core area where we are, and have been since the late 1970s. Since Doe has been on numerous boards for the arts, education and youth, as well as our condominium board, she’s always ready with information we want or need.

Doe has many strengths that I’ve seen during the years that would be beneficial as a member of the Vail Town Council. Her family has been involved with Vail since the ’70s, so she’s seen the amazing transformations as they’ve taken place. She’s an avid reader, which keeps her full of new information. The best thing about her is that she’s open to “another way to do things” and listens, ponders the new information, and adopts it if it fits!

Please vote for Doe Browning for Vail Town Council!

Jan McMillan

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