Vail Daily letter: Browning for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Browning for Vail council

Please accept this reference letter for Dorothy (Doe) Browning for election to the Vail Town Council. I was a full-time resident in the town of Vail for 17 years. It is my honor to tell you I have known Doe for 14 wonderful years during which time we have experienced the many ups and downs in life that meet us all. Doe always rises to the occasion to meet obstacles with grace and humility. She has exhibited the ability to deal with complex personal and community issues creatively and fairly. She is a spirit that thrives in helping others, both individuals and communities, as her long resume of supporting the Vail community attests to.

I believe the town of Vail will find her loyal, open-minded and deeply dependable in all situations, especially those requiring honest scrutiny and hard decisions. Her years of experience in forming cohesive working groups for the benefit of community are without parallel.

Sally Connelly

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