Vail Daily letter: Bruno for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Bruno for Vail council

I would like to enthusiastically offer my support for Jenn Bruno for Vail Town Council. We work closely through her service on the Commission on Special Events and my service on the Vail Local Marketing District Advisory Council. Her commitment to education and particularly leadership and fundraising for Red Sandstone Elementary School is impressive. I also serve with Jenn on the Bravo Vail Board. Clearly, Jenn is engaged and involved in many areas and organizations in our community.

Jenn is able to collaborate with various groups and individuals for results and forward movement. She has given generously of her time and energy. Whether presenting strategic plans or attending meetings for better insight, Jenn has put in the time to understand the issues and to prepare herself for the larger responsibilities and realities of a council member.

As a Vail council member, Jenn will continue her focused and productive service to the Vail community and will lead us in a positive direction.

Laurie Mullen

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