Vail Daily letter: Bruno for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Bruno for Vail council

Jenn Bruno is for the town of Vail. I have known Jenn Bruno for as long as she and her family have been part of the Vail Valley community. I encourage all of you out there who love this community to cast your vote for Jenn Bruno.

Jenn is as balanced and concerned and truly involved in the Vail community as one could hope. She gets it, and is for a responsible Vail future. As a business owner, parent, homeowner and concerned citizen, her understanding is broad and educated. Jenn is involved and understands the issues from second-home owning families and tourists to seasonal workers and deeply rooted business owners raising their children here. She truly has “perspective” and it is the key to our future and the future of Vail.

Jenn along with only one other candidate actually said the way they voted on Solaris. The other candidates took the typical political approach to dancing around answers in the Homeowners Association questionnaire. From where I sit anyone including the Homeowners Association who were for Solaris have nothing at all to say about the Vail Golf Course Clubhouse. I was opposed to Solaris on mass and scale but in hindsight I am so glad it was finished and of quality. The Vail Golf Clubhouse will be the same and it will be wonderful when finished.

Vote for Jenn Bruno — at least she is straight talking and truly concerned, without the political tap dancing which most of the other candidates are so good. I have been in Vail for just over 30 years and I have seen incredible changes and so much wasted energy. We need Jenn Bruno to take us forward with compassion and concern so future generations of Vail lovers will benefit from responsible thinking and decision-making.

Bill Rey

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