Vail Daily letter: Bugby for Vail council |

Vail Daily letter: Bugby for Vail council

It is time to decide on who to elect onto our Vail Town Council! The biggest question I have to answer before I can decide on a candidate is, why is that person running? That answer will usually tell you most of what you need to know. Quite often there is an “agenda” that they think needs to be pursued. Usually that agenda isn’t always in the best interest of the well being of the majority of the people in our community. That agenda can leave you with a council-elect that is shortsighted and less focused on the health of the community in general.

In this upcoming Vail Town Council election, I am going to vote for Dale Bugby. His only agenda is to have people on the council that have everyone’s well being in mind. He has been in the hospitality business for decades and understands the importance of tourism to our local economy. Yes, all these “nice” things we enjoy in our valley are important but not if we don’t have people here to share them with! What is important to Dale is that first we have a strong local economy and the best environment for all of us to live in. He hopes to do this through wise investments in recreation, infrastructure and promotion — investments that help the community at large and not just the interests of a few.

I encourage you to go out and vote on Nov. 1 for a candidate that will serve not only your needs but the community needs as well. I hope Dale Bugby will be your choice for Vail Town Council.

Craig Arford

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