Vail Daily letter: Burch, Gennett, Hymes, Prince for Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Burch, Gennett, Hymes, Prince for Avon

Dear Avon voters,

Ten candidates are running for four seats on the Avon Town Council. Last week I helped organize the Avon Town Council candidate forum because I wanted to see the candidates side by side answer questions specific to how they would serve the citizens of Avon. I was very pleased with the event and I walked away with a good sense of the candidates who were in attendance.

This is the first time in many years that there is only one incumbent on the ticket when we are electing four seats. Matt Gennett, the incumbent, was appointed to his seat in June after the resignation of Todd Goulding. Matt has been doing a good job and deserves to be elected for a full term.

Had Chris Evans and Todd Goulding resigned last August when their residency was first questioned by the general public, I suspect that the stage debacle would have gone quite differently. Self-described TABOR absolutists want you to believe that without them the council will continue to spend money unwisely. It is my belief that without Goulding and Evans another stage debacle will not happen. While neither Evans nor Goulding is running for re-election, the lesson I have learned is how important it is to understand the motives of every candidate.

I am a TABOR moderate — our representatives are elected to make the majority of decisions about the budget and policies on behalf of the citizens. Community consensus can and should be sought through robust public input, going to the public for a vote if that consensus is not achieved. The purchase of the Avon open space and trails that were recently dedicated is an example of good policy. The approval of the stage, with little public notice, through a budget amendment is an example of bad policy. The Skier Building could end up going to a public vote. I will be curious to see how it plays out.

I will be voting for candidates who are open minded, budget conscious and interested in making Avon the best place it can be. A diverse group of independent thinkers with varied backgrounds. The candidates that I am not supporting need more experience or a more diverse agenda.

Sarah Smith Hymes is an entrepreneur interested in making Avon a great green community. Scott Prince is a banker with a young family, he has done a good job on Planning and Zoning Commission. Megan Burch works in social services for Eagle County, walks to work and wants to make Avon more pedestrian friendly. Lastly, Matt Gennett deserves a full term — he is a city planner with a young family and has done a good job since June. This group is diverse and all of them have experiences with planning, budgets and building consensus.

Burch, Gennett, Hymes and Prince will be getting my vote. I ask you to give them yours as well.

Amy Cramer Phillips

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