Vail Daily letter: Bye, Rogers |

Vail Daily letter: Bye, Rogers

Top 10 reasons why (Don) Rogers is outta here.

10. The readers are dying.

9. Has become an embarrassment to the community — walks around aimlessly mumbling, “ERS, ERS, ERS.”

8. Has suffered the ultimate indignity — he’s a snowboarder and is terrible at it.

7. It’s the only way to escape from that kook Cacioppo.

6. Salary has gone way down, duties have gone way up. Now he has to deliver the paper — along with writing and printing it.

5. Global Energy Forum has been renamed to Fracking Advertising Scam. Being their shill is now a conflict of interest — even for him.

4. Recycling companies have issued a Fatwa — “either leave town or we’re coming after you. We’re tired of dealing with all this trash.”

3. Obama’s goons finally came and took away Fred. Now, there’s simply nothing to do — or laugh about.

2. Someone yelled “fire!”

1. Doesn’t want anyone to know he’s enrolling in Journalism 101.

All the best to you and yours, Curly. Happy trails, be cool. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Paul Kulas

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